Mountain, Glacier Climbing & Wilderness Sports

Stunt Coordinator: Matt Szundy ~ SAG-AFTRA

Stunt Coordinating and Mountain Logistics in Alaska's Most Rugged Terrain

Glacier Productions LLC
Matt's Production Support Company: including budgeting, scouting, logistics, locations management and crew comfort and safety.

Ascending Path LLC
Matt's full service climbing and hiking tourism company: complete with permits, employees, and vehicles to carry 70 at a time.

Alaska's Film Tax Credit is gone...
But the beauty is still here.... As the former State Film Representative with United Talent Agency, Matt made a million contacts that your production could benefit from.

Ascending Path/Glacier Prod.

So Many Glaciers!

Within a short drive, train ride or heli flight, we can access literally thousands of mountain and glacier filming locations from Anchorage.

Map of our filming locations

"Specialized does not mean limited"

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